GripGo Review

Product Review 30 December 2012 | 0 Comments

The GripGo Phone Mount is a practical device that is made to solve the woes of many drivers who have smartphones. Having a smartphone allows you to use a GPS, talk with friends and keep up with business, but this device is also responsible for a massive number of automobile accidents. The GripGo Phone Mount solves this issue by making it easy to stick the device to your windshield.

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The GripGo Phone Mount is a fairly straightforward device that only has a few features, but all of them are very useful if you don’t want to stop using your smartphone while driving. These are the main features that most users enjoy.

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  • The mount can securely hold a device.
  • The mount’s arm is able to pivot and turn so that you can easily adjust the angle of the phone.
  • You can stick the phone to the mount without any sticky residue, and you can remove the phone without any difficulty.

This means that you can easily check your GPS app or speak with friends and clients as you are driving. While you should do your best to keep your eyes on the road, it has been proven that hands-free devices are much safer than hand-held devices. This is because you can continue to pay attention to the road without looking at the smartphone, and you don’t need to hunt for the device if it rings or makes any noises.

grip-go-holderHow it’s Used

Using the GripGo Phone Mount is very easy. Most phone mounts are fairly difficult to use for a variety of reasons. You often need to secure the smartphone by placing it within a holder, and the apparatus for securing the phone is a little unwieldy at best. Not only that, but most other mounts can only be used with a few smartphones because they are made to accommodate certain sizes.

The GripGo product is much different. You can secure phones of any size. You can even secure a tablet to the mount if you really want to, and it will stay in place as you are driving. It’s also very easy to make the phone stick to the mount. You just need to apply a little bit of pressure.

If you didn’t see the commercial, then you may not know how this mount works. The mount is made from a special type of plastic that has been molded to have hundreds of tiny suction cups. This ensures that there is enough pressure holding the phone back so that it will stick to the mount without falling off.

Removing the Phone

If the GripGo Phone Mount is so secure, then why can you remove the phone without struggling? The commercial shows people taking the phone off of the mount without any difficulty. This can actually explained very easily.

The suction cups force the phone to stay at a certain angle. If you try to pull the phone directly towards you, then the mount will fight you because the suction cups will securely hold the phone. You need to remove the phone from the side. This allows air to escape from the suction cups, and it forces the suction cups to relinquish their grip.


Some reviewers had a few worries about the GripGo Phone Mount. This really isn’t a surprise since most major products have at least a few critics. Most of the worries concern the safety benefits of the device, and others concern the effectiveness of the mount.

  1. grip-go-reviewDoes the GripGo Phone Mount really make it safer to use a phone while driving?
  2. Can the mount really hold my phone when I’m driving?
  3. How hard is it to secure the mount to my windshield?

All of these worries are legitimate, but this mount does a wonderful job of working around these problems. This mount is much safer than just holding your smartphone because you can still pay attention to the road while you are using a GPS app or speaking with someone. The mount is also strong enough to hold the phone in place while you are driving, but you should keep your windows rolled up if there are severe winds. A strong wind can knock the phone out of the mount by applying pressure from the side, but this is very rare.

Securing the mount to your windshield requires little to no effort. Just place the suction cup on your windshield, pull back on the lever and the mount will be secured.

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Why You Need a Hands Free Phone Device For Your Car

Info,Safe Driving 8 February 2013 | 0 Comments

talking-on-phone-drivingCell phones have become so intricately woven into today’s society that many people can not imagine living without one. Wireless phones offer convenience, an added sense of safety, and they enable phone users to remain connected with colleagues, friends, and family members more easily than land line phones previously allowed. While there are many benefits to having a cell phone, the dangers of talking or texting while driving are evident and have prompted legislative changes in states around the country.

Many drivers find that holding a phone can interfere with their ability to comfortably operate a vehicle. As a result, many drivers opt to use a hands free phone device instead holding the handset while talking . Hands free devices like GripGo offer the obvious benefit of freeing up the hands for driving while allowing the driver to continue his or her conversation. Many devices allow drivers to begin and end calls without having to use their hands to press a button, and users may even dial numbers simply by using their voice.

texting-drivingIn addition to leaving the hands unencumbered and better able to drive, using a hands free phone device while driving can also help drivers obey the law and avoid getting a ticket. Currently, handheld cell phone use while driving is banned in 10 states, including Puerto Rico, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Still other states ban handheld phone use in certain driving conditions, such as while driving in a school zone or highway construction zone.

Penalties for violating cell phone driving laws may include a monetary fine or result in penalty points being assigned to the driver’s license. Unless otherwise prohibited by law, using a hands free device can allow drivers to make and receive phone calls while driving and still remain compliant with state laws.

Using a hands free device with a cell phone while drivers allows drivers to remain available to answer and receive important calls without taking their hands away from the more important task of driving. Many hands free devices allow drivers to perform virtually all of the call functions that are available to them on their handset and can be just as easy to use. Not only does using a hands free device offer the benefit of allowing drivers’ hands to remain on the steering wheel, but many states prohibit cell phone handset use while driving; therefore, drivers who wish to stay connected while on the road must use a hands free alternative.

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4 Startling Texting While Driving Facts

Safe Driving 6 February 2013 | 0 Comments

Texting while driving is not fun or cool; it’s reckless behavior that can lead to tragic outcomes. Here are some hardcore facts to heed:

no-phone-mount#1: Death is around every corner

In the U.S. alone, roughly 35,000 teenagers have died in the past five years–that’s 18 deaths per day, 6,000 per year. No one is immune to suffering such a fate, not even the wealthy. In 2010, the number of people texting while driving increased significantly. Studies show that vehicle accidents are caused 85 percent of the time by drivers who are texting. Three seconds before the accident, their eyes were on the cellphone, not the road.

#2: It’s harder to do than it seems.

For most drivers, texting while driving is simple and convenient. However, studies show that drivers are more likely to be in an accident if they’re texting because that makes them less attentive to their surroundings. Hence, the number of fatalities involving pedestrians has steadily increased; it’s continuing to do so each year. 75 percent of teens openly admit that texting while driving is a habit that they’ll continue despite knowing the dangers and harsh realities.

on-phone-while-driving#3: Fun weekends are more dangerous than busy weekdays

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are the main days when major accidents occur–approximately 54 percent of accidents. Saturdays are the deadliest for teen drivers. The deadliest months for teen drivers are June, July, August and October.

#4: Texting isn’t as innocent as it’s made out to be

In fact, texting while driving is now one of the leading causes of vehicle accidents and fatalities. Studies show that texting hinders a driver’s ability to react and make split-second decisions. Also, when drivers are expected to react to a flashing light, they are highly likely to miss it altogether. Texting is the top distraction, compared to all the other tasks related to cellphones–including talking, dialing and even reaching for the cellphone.

Driving while texting is dangerous for drivers and pedestrians alike, and as the years pass, the argument for banning such behavior gets stronger and stronger. Currently, drivers are prohibited from texting while driving in 39 states. While no states prohibit drivers from using a cellphone altogether, the topic is becoming more popular day by day in view of the fact that countless deaths occur because of it.

In the end, however, it comes down to drivers being more responsible and mindful of others.

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What is the Weight Capacity of the GripGo Phone Holder?

Info 5 February 2013 | 0 Comments

Talking on the phone and driving at the same time is a dangerous activity. It is banned in several states because fumbling for a phone and talking can cause accidents. Although it is not a good idea to hold a phone to the ear and drive, devices are available to help answer urgent calls without taking any risks. The GripGo Phone Holder is a potential solution that keeps the phone in sight and ready to use without taking the risk of distracting drivers.

How It Works

The GripGo Phone Holder is a simple device the snaps a phone into place and is held to a dash board with suction cups that adhere to the location. It is easy to remove by releasing the suction cups and is strong enough to hold any type of cell phone or tablet device without falling off or damaging the phone.

The simple construction makes the device easy to use and appropriate for driving. Drivers can place the phone in the GripGo Phone Holder and start their drive. When an urgent call occurs, drivers simply turn on the speaker phone and continue driving without the distraction of holding a phone.

iphone-gripgoWeight Capacity

The GripGo Phone Holder is strong enough to hold most cell phones and tablets. Although the suggested weight capacity given by the company is 15 pounds, the average phone, tablet or GPS device does not exceed two to three pounds. It is fully capable of holding any tablet or phone without breaking the suction and causing a valuable electronic device to fall and break.

Although the device is capable of holding a tablet, GPS or phone, it is best to use it for a cell phone due to the convenience and the reduced risk of problems while driving. It was originally designed as a phone holder, so it is perfectly sized and created to hold the average cell phone. Larger phones are not a problem due to the high weight capacity built into the GripGo Phone Holder.

It is not necessary to take risks while driving a motor vehicle. Instead of risking an accident by fumbling for a phone, using the GripGo Phone Holder to mount a phone or table to the dashboard will make driving a safer practice. The weight capacity is strong enough to keep a phone or tablet from falling as long as the device was properly installed and secured to the window or dashboard.

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GripGo, Does it Work?

Product Review 3 February 2013 | 0 Comments

car-cell-phone-mountFor those of you who aren’t familiar with the GripGo, here’s a brief look at the idea behind it. Essentially, it’s advertised as a universal cell phone, GPS, MP3 player, and even tablet PC mount. The idea behind it is that it can hold pretty much any device with a flat back in a way that you can see it without it intruding on your view of the road. The question remains, though, does it work? The best way to ask that is to see if the different parts work.

First is the suction cup that mounts it to the dashboard or windshield. It’s not your standard “push it to make it stick” suction cup. This is one of the cups that has a small lever that you push down to apply suction. It does its job pretty well, surprisingly. Even under the weight of some heavier tablet PCs, the main suction cup keeps the mount in place. This is an extremely pleasant surprise, actually. Given how much the stalk can twist and bend to let you customize where the mount points, it’s easy to think that the suction cup could be overpowered by an awkward positioning. Luckily, this is not the case.

universal-cell-phone-mountHowever, the suction cup is useless if the mount doesn’t work, in the end. Luckily, this isn’t the case. The mount itself is a green pad on the end of the stalk and it does a surprisingly good job of holding anything you put on it. The device is a bit too new to see how long any given one lasts, of course, but so far there doesn’t seem to be any loss of attachment from placing items on the mount and removing them.

The only complaint, if you can call it that, is that you need to lean the device off of the mount. There’s no other way to really put it, sadly. You can’t pull the device straight away from the mount, due to how it works, and it holds too tight to slide it off. Thanks to that, you need to pry it off by pulling one side up while you put the other side down. It’s easy to do, but difficult to describe.

Overall, the GripGo does its job surprisingly well. It’s easy to look at it and think there’s no way it’s going to hold at all. Then you try it out and you’re amazed at how well it actually does its job. It’s a good little mount for almost all your device needs.

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How to Use the GripGo Phone Mount

Info 2 February 2013 | 0 Comments

order-grip-goDo you spend a large amount of your day driving and talking on your cell phone? Have you encountered all of the dangers of driving and losing grip of your phone? Have you failed to be a safe driver because you have been concerned about where you phone has fallen in the car? If you want to be a safer driver and get the most out of your work day in the car, then a new GripGo Phone Mount may be the exact helper you have been looking for.

GripGo’s polymer suction surface gives it a strong yet still safe surface for keeping your phone in place while you drive. But best of all, the polymer surface releases your phone just as easily as it attached it. As soon as you give GripGo a try, you will feel good that you are not only becoming a better driver and worker but you are keeping your phone safe in the process. Here is how the GripGo Phone Mount works:

gripgo-site1) Press the Phone Mount Suction Cup to Your Windshield: The GripGo features a suction cup on the back of the mount that you simply press against your inside driver’s windshield. Secure the suction cup mount to the windshield by pressing down on the mount’s clamp. To release the suction cup mount once you leave the car, simply lift up on the clamp and gently pop the suction cup off of your windshield.

2) Place Your Phone on the Polymer Surface: The GripGo Phone Mount features a sleek polymer pad. This inventive polymer pad essentially is made up of hundreds of tiny suction cups that safely and securely adhere to the back of your phone. Simply place your phone against the polymer pad. Your phone instantly will attach to the pad and stay in place as you drive down the road. The polymer pad is strong to help ensure your phone does not topple. As you drive down the road you now can talk hands-free. GripGo makes driving and talking safer and easier.

3) Release Your Phone: Once you are ready to release your phone from the polymer pad, simply pull the phone off with ease. The polymer pad will not damage the back of your phone or leave it with any type of sticky residue.

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Does the GripGo Mount Fit All Cell Phones?

Info 1 February 2013 | 0 Comments

Here we go. Yet another gizmo on the market. This one is the GripGo phone mount. Is it a go, or is it a phony?

gripgo-buy-one-get-oneBelieve it or not, this latest gadget is a “go”. While mostly touted as allowing hands-free driving, the GripGo phone mount actually can be used anywhere. The suction cups will mount to virtually any surface – your dashboard, a desk, a windshield, the kitchen counter. Come on, haven’t we all looked up a recipe on our Ipad in the kitchen? Wouldn’t you like that Ipad to be upright instead of lying flat on the counter?

Speaking of suction cups, the GripGo has not one, but two suction cups for super-strong holding power. How many times has your GPS fallen off your window while driving with it’s one weak suction cup? You can be assured once attached, the GripGo is not coming loose until you take it off. It is very easy to mount, and very easy to unmount. Another awesome feature is the 360 degree rotation. Your device can be placed at any angle you wish.

The other side of the GripGo, the sticky side that holds your device, is nothing short of a miracle. It provides incredible hold, whether you mount a phone, tablet, GPS, or any flush-surfaced device on it. Don’t want sticky residue on your device? Don’t worry, there will not be any. Since there are no clamps or brackets to hold your device, any size phone or tablet fits on a GripGo. It is a flat surface that will stick to your device’s plastic case, rubber case, or just the device itself.

gripgo-weight-capacityIn today’s environment, as more and more state governments outlaw using anything other than hands-free calling in cars, it is important to comply. Your attention needs to be on the road, not on finding your ringing phone. Newer cars have blue-tooth capability and you can talk through your dashboard. With your phone mounted safely in your car with GripGo, you can speak directly through your phone with the speaker on, or use a bluetooth ear piece.

It’s amazing to not use my cup holder as my phone holder any more so I can actually put my coffee cup in my cup holder. Who knew? Or how about that long-distance drive with your kids? Put the GripGo on one of the back side windows, slap an Ipad on it, and let the movies begin!

This new gadget is definitely worth the money, and with a lifetime guarantee, you can’t go wrong.

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Number of Texting While Driving Related Deaths in America Each Year

Safe Driving 31 January 2013 | 0 Comments

texting-while-drivingWith the emergence of cell phones as a widely available technology, many people have incorporated wireless phones into every aspect of their lives. Unfortunately, this practice has raised safety concerns. While some people use their cell phones safely during idle time, others use their phones for texting while driving. Text messaging while driving can severely distract drivers and causes numerous serious and sometimes fatal accidents yearly. Consequently, many states have reacted to the upward trend in texting while driving accidents by enacting laws to prohibit text messaging while operating a vehicle.

According to the National Safety Council, texting while driving causes 25 percent of all automobile accidents, totaling 1.6 million accidents each year. Of the 1.6 million accidents, more than 330,000 injuries and 6,000 deaths result annually. Studies indicate that while sending a text message, a driver’s attention is diverted away from the road for a minimum of five seconds.

texting-while-driving-carIt is believed that text messaging while driving can impair a young driver’s reaction, making it equivalent to the response time of a 70-year-old driver. Of all the cell phone activities that are commonly practiced by drivers, text messaging is the most dangerous. While 47 percent of adults admit to text messaging while driving, approximately 30 percent of teens admit to texting while operating a vehicle, and teens are found to commonly ignore legal restrictions against text messaging while on the road.

Each day, 11 teens are killed in text messaging-related car accidents, and each year. Studies indicate that teenage drivers are four times more likely to be involved in accidents that are related to cell phone usage. Text messaging while driving is also a major concern for truck drivers. Truck drivers are 23.2 times more likely to be involved in an accident as a result of text messaging while driving.

With text messaging contributing to so many driving accidents and experts estimating that the current trend will grow, legislators have responded to growing concerns by enacting laws which limit or prohibit text messaging while driving. Along with Washington, D.C., 39 states have enacted laws that place an outright ban on texting while driving while other states prohibit new drivers from using cell phones while operating a vehicle, and still other states have prohibited handheld cell phone use while driving. While passing such laws is an important first step, raising awareness about the dangers of texting while driving is key.

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Which States Ban Cell Phone Usage in Cars

Safe Driving 29 January 2013 | 0 Comments

Do you use your cell phone while driving? Are you on the road a lot and find yourself dialing while driving? Do you realize that talking on your cell phone while driving may be illegal, depending on the state in which you live?

cell-phones-bannedDriving while dialing and texting is illegal in 39 states and the District of Columbia and that driving while talking on your cell phone is illegal in at least 10 states. Among those states in which driving with a handheld cell phone is banned are the District of Columbia, Connecticut, California, New York, New Jersey, Nevada, Maryland, Oregon, Washington, West Virginia. If you live in one of these states, then you need a device that will help you drive safely and abide by the state laws. It also is good to know about these 10 states’ cellphone laws in case you are driving through them on a road trip. Get on the road and stay safe while using your cellphone with a GripGo Phone Mount.

The GripGo Phone Mount is a portable cellphone tool that uses a polymer base to hold your cell phone securely in place. The polymer base features rows of tiny polymer suction cups that are safe for the surface of your cellphone. Therefore, when you place your phone against the polymer mount, it acts like a magnet, drawing the phone’s back to it and not letting go while you drive down the road. You can talk hands-free safely wherever you go.

texting-while-drivingTo make sure that you do not break any state cellphone-use laws, make sure you mount your GripGo before you begin driving. The polymer mount has a frame with a suction cup attached to it. Simply press the suction cup against your windshield and pull down on the lever below the cup in order to securely fasten the mount against your windshield. Place your phone on the polymer mount and dial the number of the person with whom you wish to speak. Now it is time to start your car.

By following these few easy rules and by learning more about the 10 states that have banned handheld cellphone use, you will not only learn to be a safer, more alert driver, but you also will stay out of trouble with the law. Keep these 10 states listed on a piece of paper and put it in a safe place in your car to review while on a road trip.

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3 Ways to Use the GripGo Cell Phone Holder

Info 27 January 2013 | 0 Comments

ways-to-use-gripgoThere are a few different ways that you can use the GripGo Cell Phone Holder in your car. Depending on what you’re mainly using it for, you may find yourself preferring one over the other. If you’re not sure what you’ll find yourself using the holder for most often, there are three main ways to use it that should help you find the optimal position for it.

First of all, there’s the most common position. If you use the GripGo Cell Phone Holder mostly to hold your cell phone so you can talk hands free, you’ll find this position the most useful. You simply mount your GripGo Cell Phone Holder on the front of your dashboard, or on top near the front if necessary, and lock it in in place with the suction pad. With it in this position, you move the green pad at the end of the GripGo so it’s pointed straight at you at the edge of your vision. This places the phone near your face so you can easily talk and listen without either you or the person on the other end having to shout.

gripgo-informationThe second use is for people who plan to use the GripGo to hold their GPS. You’ll want to mount the GripGo on your windshield at about the same height as your rear view mirror. You’ll want it about center between the spot that your rear view mirror is mounted and the edge of your windshield. This will place it at the center top of your field of vision. Turn the green pad horizontal and place your GPS on it. This will keep your GPS within your field of vision without interfering with your view of the road. This way you can check the map on your GPS without having to look away from the road.

The last most common position is for people who want to use the GripGo, not for their cell phone or GPS, but for their MP3 players. You’ll want to mount the bottom suction cup as though you were using it for your cell phone. However, instead of pointing the green pad towards your face, you want to bring it down to just in front of your dashboard. This places your MP3 player in easy reach of your hands to hit pause, play, etc., while keeping it out of your field of vision.

These three positions are, of course, just common places to put it. Their main use is as starting point so you can find the most comfortable place for you to put your GripGo for your purposes. After all, one of the best parts about the GripGo is that there’s practically no wrong way to use it to make you a safer driver.

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Does the GripGo Work on Tablets?

Info 26 January 2013 | 0 Comments

gripgo-tablet-holderMany people are surprised to discover that the GripGo they purchased to hold their cell phone is also designed to work on tablets. This cell phone mount is in fact the only mount that is designed to hold a tablet. This new and strong car phone mount is designed to hold every tablet on the market with its patented suction cups. The GripGo is designed to hold tablets, cell phones or a GPS without any adhesive.

Since so many drivers are using their tablets instead of mobile phone these days, this product is a car accessory that every driver that owns a tablet should own. The Grip Go easily converts from a hands free cell phone mount to a hands free tablet mount without any adjustments. There are no limitations when it comes to how and what the mount can be used for. Whether you use your tablet to watch movies, as a phone, for directions or anything else, the GripGo does work on tablets and holds them securely when you are on the road.

gripgo-cell-phone-holderThe GripGo is great while driving or taking a break. Since the mount is completely adjustable and swivels 360 degrees, you can point the screen of your tablet so passengers in your vehicle can see the screen. This phone mount can help you access your tablet to take care of business while you are in your vehicle.

Whether you are traveling on the road with companions or not, the holder does work on tablets. No matter what type of tablet you own, the GripGo is compatible with all tablets. In addition, this device holds tablets firmly without any adhesive, brackets or screws. This is what makes this mount an important car accessory to own.

What drivers like most about the GripGo for their tablet is that it can be installed anywhere on a windshield or dashboard, so it does not only have to be used by the driver. This product can also be installed and used by passengers. Both drivers and passengers will find this car accessory makes using their tablet much easier. While this mount was designed to help drivers, passengers are also using it. Now, passengers can watch movies, play games and read books hands free on their tablet anytime they want.

There are many reasons why every car should be equipped with a GripGo. Not only does it work on tablets, it is also designed to hold any cell phone or GPS securely without any adhesive or brackets. If you are one of those people who are joined at the hip with your tablet, then you should consider buying a GripGo.

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