Does the GripGo Mount Fit All Cell Phones?

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Here we go. Yet another gizmo on the market. This one is the GripGo phone mount. Is it a go, or is it a phony?

gripgo-buy-one-get-oneBelieve it or not, this latest gadget is a “go”. While mostly touted as allowing hands-free driving, the GripGo phone mount actually can be used anywhere. The suction cups will mount to virtually any surface – your dashboard, a desk, a windshield, the kitchen counter. Come on, haven’t we all looked up a recipe on our Ipad in the kitchen? Wouldn’t you like that Ipad to be upright instead of lying flat on the counter?

Speaking of suction cups, the GripGo has not one, but two suction cups for super-strong holding power. How many times has your GPS fallen off your window while driving with it’s one weak suction cup? You can be assured once attached, the GripGo is not coming loose until you take it off. It is very easy to mount, and very easy to unmount. Another awesome feature is the 360 degree rotation. Your device can be placed at any angle you wish.

The other side of the GripGo, the sticky side that holds your device, is nothing short of a miracle. It provides incredible hold, whether you mount a phone, tablet, GPS, or any flush-surfaced device on it. Don’t want sticky residue on your device? Don’t worry, there will not be any. Since there are no clamps or brackets to hold your device, any size phone or tablet fits on a GripGo. It is a flat surface that will stick to your device’s plastic case, rubber case, or just the device itself.

gripgo-weight-capacityIn today’s environment, as more and more state governments outlaw using anything other than hands-free calling in cars, it is important to comply. Your attention needs to be on the road, not on finding your ringing phone. Newer cars have blue-tooth capability and you can talk through your dashboard. With your phone mounted safely in your car with GripGo, you can speak directly through your phone with the speaker on, or use a bluetooth ear piece.

It’s amazing to not use my cup holder as my phone holder any more so I can actually put my coffee cup in my cup holder. Who knew? Or how about that long-distance drive with your kids? Put the GripGo on one of the back side windows, slap an Ipad on it, and let the movies begin!

This new gadget is definitely worth the money, and with a lifetime guarantee, you can’t go wrong.

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