What is the GripGo Phone Mount?

Info 25 January 2013 | 0 Comments

The GripGo phone mount is a revolutionary new car accessory that is used by many of drivers across the country to mount their phone, GPS and tablets. This phone mount is unlike any other cell phone and GPS holder because it can be used to hold any mobile phone, tablet or device. In addition to being a universal phone mount, GripGo can be put to use in so many different ways.

gripgo-mountedWhether you live in a state that bans talking and driving or you enjoy hands-free talking, the GripGo phone mount is a great car accessory. This revolutionary phone mount can be attached anywhere on your dashboard or windshield and removed anytime you wish. With its patented technology, the GripGo phone mount is designed to hold any mobile phone, tablet or GPS in place without using any adhesive, brackets or screws. When you are ready to remove your device from this phone mount, all you have to do is grab it and go.

What I like best about the GripGo is that it can also be used to hold a GPS and is strong enough to hold tablets. This is the only phone mount that holds any phone, GPS or tablet. In addition, with this phone mount people do not have to replace their mount each time they buy a new device. In addition to helping people speak hands-free, the GripGo phone mount is also helping people turn their mobile phone into a GPS. Instead of buying a new GPS, which can be expensive, people can use their phone to help get them where they need to go each day. Drivers who buy the GripGo can save money on all the other gadgets people have to buy for short and long distance trips.

gripgo-does-it-workThis phone mount can be used for so many other purposes. Since this phone mount pivots 360 degrees, passengers can also use the phone mount as well to access the phone, GPS and tablet. Whether they want to access their smart phone to look something up, watch a movie on their tablet, the GripGo is one of the most flexible and strong phone mounts on the market today. Whether you drive occasionally or all the time, this phone mount is something you need. Not only is it helping millions of drivers drive hands-free without all the hassles, it is also helping drivers get around and stay entertained while on the road.

If you are not using a GripGo yet, then you should definitely take the time to discover why the GripGo phone mount is unlike any other phone mount on the market. You will be amazed by all that this phone mount can do.

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GripGo Hands Free Mount Specifications

Info 23 January 2013 | 0 Comments

GripGo Hands-Free Phone Mount is ideal for any driver who has a cell phone. Many states have banned cell phone usage while driving. The GripGo Hands-Free Mount system allows you to abide by the law and use your cell phone at the same time.

How Does the GripGo Hands-Free system work?

gripgo-logoIt is designed in the same way a GPS mount works. The unit has a suction cup base that can easily be attached to a windshield or a dashboard. If you need to move it to a different location or to another vehicle, the suction base easily releases from its current location. Once the desired location on the dashboard or windshield is found, the unit can be adjusted with the ball and socket joint, along with the turning arm.

Its a 360 degree pivoting mount that allows you to get the perfect fit. The GripGo Hands-Free unit has a sticky pad to securely hold your phone in place. Don’t worry, your phone won’t get stuck there. It easily releases your phone when you need it and it won’t have any sticky residue left over.

If you ever find that your phone isn’t sticking like it originally did, all you have to do is take a wet cloth and wipe the polymer surface and towel dry it. It will be as good as new. Even if you’re a bad driver or if the roads are bumpy, your phone will stay where you put it. Plus it’s sturdy and durable, holding objects up to 20 pounds.

Why Use a GripGo Hands-Free Phone Mount?

mount-holderEven if your state doesn’t have a law against being on the phone while driving, keeping your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road is important. No longer will you have to search for your phone when it rings. You will always know where your phone is. Simply position it on the GripGo and when the phone rings, use your phone’s hands-free speaker ability to safely continue driving.

Do you have a smart phone? Now you can use your phone as your GPS and get you to where your destination is. It doesn’t matter what kind of phone you have. The GripGo Hands-Free Phone Mount is designed to work with all models. It can also hold tablets and other portable devices perfect for passengers to watch movies or play games. You will never have to worry about the GripGo Hands-Free Phone Mount, as it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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Does the GripGo Hands Free Cell Phone Mount Make You a Safer Driver?

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grip-go-safe-drivingThe GripGo hands free cell phone mount is helping drivers drive safely across the country. If you are wondering whether the GripGo can help you become a safe driver, then you will be glad to know that it can in fact help you become a safer driver. This phone mount helps drivers focus on the road without worrying about where there cell phone is each time they need to answer or place call.

Most statistics confirm that drivers who do not use a hands free phone mount for their phone while they drive are at greater risk of getting into an accident than drivers who do not use a hands free device. It just takes a second for something to go wrong.

Whether you need to reach for your phone that has fallen on the floor or under your seat, the minute you take your eyes off the road a lot can go wrong. Each year, drivers across the country get into accidents they could have avoided had they had the GripGo installed in their vehicle.

What makes GripGo hands free cell phone mount an effective device is that it can be installed in any vehicle. If you drive more than one vehicle, then all you have to do is remove your GripGo mount and easily install it in the vehicle you will be driving. With this cell phone mount, you will always know where your phone is whenever you are on the road.

gripgo-mountIts patented grip holds every phone on the market, so it works no matter what type of car you drive or phone you use. The GripGo hands free cell phone mount can help you become a safer driver because your phone will remain affixed until you leave your car.

Should you need to answer or place a call while on the road, you always know that your cell phone will be within reach with the GripGo. Using a hands free cell phone mount is important when you are on the road because it helps you maintain control of your vehicle.

In addition to helping you drive, the GripGo hands free cell phone mount can also be used to help you get around. Many drivers get into accidents because they do not know where they are going. The GripGo can also be used to hold a GPS. Having a GPS in your car, will help you get where you need to go faster.

With the GripGo hands free cell phone mount, you can become a safer driver immediately after you start using it. Not only will the GripGo help you stay focused, it can also be used to get you where you need to go safely each day.

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3 Tips to Make You a Safer Driver

Safe Driving 21 January 2013 | 0 Comments

These days, driving is a hazardous venture. There’s not much that is safe about having two tons of steel racing along the streets at breakneck speeds. Unfortunately, for most people, driving is a necessity. You can’t always count on other people to be good drivers, so it’s a good idea to brush up on your own driving skills in order to protect yourself and others. Here are three tips for improving the way you drive.

defensive-drivingDrive Defensively

You should never assume that the drivers around you are paying attention, because sadly, many do not. If you train yourself to think that other drivers aren’t paying attention, you’ll find yourself driving more cautiously. Even if you have the green light, it’s important to keep an eye out for drivers who don’t stop at their red light. Always watch out for potential hazards like slow or over-sized vehicles, backups and cars speeding up on your tail.

Any time you’re on the freeway, beware of drivers who like to change lanes suddenly and without warning. In cases like this, it’s better to sacrifice your right of way than to end up in a serious crash. Furthermore, realize that you car horn is there for a reason. If you see someone engaging in reckless driving, don’t hesitate to use it. People don’t like having attention drawn to their foolish behaviors, so they might be embarrassed into improving their habits.

safe-driving-distanceMaintain a Safe Distance

You should always be ready for trouble. If there’s a problem up ahead, start braking early. This enables you to stop safely if needed and allows the people behind you to slow down in time to avoid rear-ending you. In addition, think back on what you learned in driver’s education. For every 10 mph you’re going, stay at least one car length behind the vehicle in front of you. A greater distance should be maintained if the vehicle ahead is a semi or other large automobile as they take longer to stop.

seat-beltWear Your Seat Belt

There’s never a good excuse for not wearing a seat belt. Even if you’re only going for a short drive, you should always buckle up. Many studies have shown that accidents are more likely to occur in an areas people are familiar with because they don’t pay as much attention to what’s around them. Besides that, in most places, failing to wear your seat belt will garner you a ticket if you’re caught.

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GripGo Review

Product Review 30 December 2012 | 0 Comments

The GripGo Phone Mount is a practical device that is made to solve the woes of many drivers who have smartphones. Having a smartphone allows you to use a GPS, talk with friends and keep up with business, but this device is also responsible for a massive number of automobile accidents. The GripGo Phone Mount solves this issue by making it easy to stick the device to your windshield.

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The GripGo Phone Mount is a fairly straightforward device that only has a few features, but all of them are very useful if you don’t want to stop using your smartphone while driving. These are the main features that most users enjoy.

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  • The mount can securely hold a device.
  • The mount’s arm is able to pivot and turn so that you can easily adjust the angle of the phone.
  • You can stick the phone to the mount without any sticky residue, and you can remove the phone without any difficulty.

This means that you can easily check your GPS app or speak with friends and clients as you are driving. While you should do your best to keep your eyes on the road, it has been proven that hands-free devices are much safer than hand-held devices. This is because you can continue to pay attention to the road without looking at the smartphone, and you don’t need to hunt for the device if it rings or makes any noises.

grip-go-holderHow it’s Used

Using the GripGo Phone Mount is very easy. Most phone mounts are fairly difficult to use for a variety of reasons. You often need to secure the smartphone by placing it within a holder, and the apparatus for securing the phone is a little unwieldy at best. Not only that, but most other mounts can only be used with a few smartphones because they are made to accommodate certain sizes.

The GripGo product is much different. You can secure phones of any size. You can even secure a tablet to the mount if you really want to, and it will stay in place as you are driving. It’s also very easy to make the phone stick to the mount. You just need to apply a little bit of pressure.

If you didn’t see the commercial, then you may not know how this mount works. The mount is made from a special type of plastic that has been molded to have hundreds of tiny suction cups. This ensures that there is enough pressure holding the phone back so that it will stick to the mount without falling off.

Removing the Phone

If the GripGo Phone Mount is so secure, then why can you remove the phone without struggling? The commercial shows people taking the phone off of the mount without any difficulty. This can actually explained very easily.

The suction cups force the phone to stay at a certain angle. If you try to pull the phone directly towards you, then the mount will fight you because the suction cups will securely hold the phone. You need to remove the phone from the side. This allows air to escape from the suction cups, and it forces the suction cups to relinquish their grip.


Some reviewers had a few worries about the GripGo Phone Mount. This really isn’t a surprise since most major products have at least a few critics. Most of the worries concern the safety benefits of the device, and others concern the effectiveness of the mount.

  1. grip-go-reviewDoes the GripGo Phone Mount really make it safer to use a phone while driving?
  2. Can the mount really hold my phone when I’m driving?
  3. How hard is it to secure the mount to my windshield?

All of these worries are legitimate, but this mount does a wonderful job of working around these problems. This mount is much safer than just holding your smartphone because you can still pay attention to the road while you are using a GPS app or speaking with someone. The mount is also strong enough to hold the phone in place while you are driving, but you should keep your windows rolled up if there are severe winds. A strong wind can knock the phone out of the mount by applying pressure from the side, but this is very rare.

Securing the mount to your windshield requires little to no effort. Just place the suction cup on your windshield, pull back on the lever and the mount will be secured.

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The GripGo As Seen on TV Phone Mount

Product Review 29 December 2012 | 0 Comments

Hello, world wide web! I’m working on writing my review of the GripGo phone mount. It’s an As Seen on TV phone holder you can use while you’re driving. Set it up, and you no longer have to deal with fumbling around with your cellphone while you’re trying to manage traffic at the same time.

My review is coming soon, so keep an eye on this page in a couple days. I want to make sure I get enough information out there as possible.

**UPDATE** – My review is live. You can read my GripGo review there.

In the mean time, here’s the GripGo commercial for you to check out if you haven’t seen it already:

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