4 Startling Texting While Driving Facts

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Texting while driving is not fun or cool; it’s reckless behavior that can lead to tragic outcomes. Here are some hardcore facts to heed:

no-phone-mount#1: Death is around every corner

In the U.S. alone, roughly 35,000 teenagers have died in the past five years–that’s 18 deaths per day, 6,000 per year. No one is immune to suffering such a fate, not even the wealthy. In 2010, the number of people texting while driving increased significantly. Studies show that vehicle accidents are caused 85 percent of the time by drivers who are texting. Three seconds before the accident, their eyes were on the cellphone, not the road.

#2: It’s harder to do than it seems.

For most drivers, texting while driving is simple and convenient. However, studies show that drivers are more likely to be in an accident if they’re texting because that makes them less attentive to their surroundings. Hence, the number of fatalities involving pedestrians has steadily increased; it’s continuing to do so each year. 75 percent of teens openly admit that texting while driving is a habit that they’ll continue despite knowing the dangers and harsh realities.

on-phone-while-driving#3: Fun weekends are more dangerous than busy weekdays

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are the main days when major accidents occur–approximately 54 percent of accidents. Saturdays are the deadliest for teen drivers. The deadliest months for teen drivers are June, July, August and October.

#4: Texting isn’t as innocent as it’s made out to be

In fact, texting while driving is now one of the leading causes of vehicle accidents and fatalities. Studies show that texting hinders a driver’s ability to react and make split-second decisions. Also, when drivers are expected to react to a flashing light, they are highly likely to miss it altogether. Texting is the top distraction, compared to all the other tasks related to cellphones–including talking, dialing and even reaching for the cellphone.

Driving while texting is dangerous for drivers and pedestrians alike, and as the years pass, the argument for banning such behavior gets stronger and stronger. Currently, drivers are prohibited from texting while driving in 39 states. While no states prohibit drivers from using a cellphone altogether, the topic is becoming more popular day by day in view of the fact that countless deaths occur because of it.

In the end, however, it comes down to drivers being more responsible and mindful of others.

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