Does the GripGo Work on Tablets?

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gripgo-tablet-holderMany people are surprised to discover that the GripGo they purchased to hold their cell phone is also designed to work on tablets. This cell phone mount is in fact the only mount that is designed to hold a tablet. This new and strong car phone mount is designed to hold every tablet on the market with its patented suction cups. The GripGo is designed to hold tablets, cell phones or a GPS without any adhesive.

Since so many drivers are using their tablets instead of mobile phone these days, this product is a car accessory that every driver that owns a tablet should own. The Grip Go easily converts from a hands free cell phone mount to a hands free tablet mount without any adjustments. There are no limitations when it comes to how and what the mount can be used for. Whether you use your tablet to watch movies, as a phone, for directions or anything else, the GripGo does work on tablets and holds them securely when you are on the road.

gripgo-cell-phone-holderThe GripGo is great while driving or taking a break. Since the mount is completely adjustable and swivels 360 degrees, you can point the screen of your tablet so passengers in your vehicle can see the screen. This phone mount can help you access your tablet to take care of business while you are in your vehicle.

Whether you are traveling on the road with companions or not, the holder does work on tablets. No matter what type of tablet you own, the GripGo is compatible with all tablets. In addition, this device holds tablets firmly without any adhesive, brackets or screws. This is what makes this mount an important car accessory to own.

What drivers like most about the GripGo for their tablet is that it can be installed anywhere on a windshield or dashboard, so it does not only have to be used by the driver. This product can also be installed and used by passengers. Both drivers and passengers will find this car accessory makes using their tablet much easier. While this mount was designed to help drivers, passengers are also using it. Now, passengers can watch movies, play games and read books hands free on their tablet anytime they want.

There are many reasons why every car should be equipped with a GripGo. Not only does it work on tablets, it is also designed to hold any cell phone or GPS securely without any adhesive or brackets. If you are one of those people who are joined at the hip with your tablet, then you should consider buying a GripGo.

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