How to Use the GripGo Phone Mount

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order-grip-goDo you spend a large amount of your day driving and talking on your cell phone? Have you encountered all of the dangers of driving and losing grip of your phone? Have you failed to be a safe driver because you have been concerned about where you phone has fallen in the car? If you want to be a safer driver and get the most out of your work day in the car, then a new GripGo Phone Mount may be the exact helper you have been looking for.

GripGo’s polymer suction surface gives it a strong yet still safe surface for keeping your phone in place while you drive. But best of all, the polymer surface releases your phone just as easily as it attached it. As soon as you give GripGo a try, you will feel good that you are not only becoming a better driver and worker but you are keeping your phone safe in the process. Here is how the GripGo Phone Mount works:

gripgo-site1) Press the Phone Mount Suction Cup to Your Windshield: The GripGo features a suction cup on the back of the mount that you simply press against your inside driver’s windshield. Secure the suction cup mount to the windshield by pressing down on the mount’s clamp. To release the suction cup mount once you leave the car, simply lift up on the clamp and gently pop the suction cup off of your windshield.

2) Place Your Phone on the Polymer Surface: The GripGo Phone Mount features a sleek polymer pad. This inventive polymer pad essentially is made up of hundreds of tiny suction cups that safely and securely adhere to the back of your phone. Simply place your phone against the polymer pad. Your phone instantly will attach to the pad and stay in place as you drive down the road. The polymer pad is strong to help ensure your phone does not topple. As you drive down the road you now can talk hands-free. GripGo makes driving and talking safer and easier.

3) Release Your Phone: Once you are ready to release your phone from the polymer pad, simply pull the phone off with ease. The polymer pad will not damage the back of your phone or leave it with any type of sticky residue.

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