What is the GripGo Phone Mount?

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The GripGo phone mount is a revolutionary new car accessory that is used by many of drivers across the country to mount their phone, GPS and tablets. This phone mount is unlike any other cell phone and GPS holder because it can be used to hold any mobile phone, tablet or device. In addition to being a universal phone mount, GripGo can be put to use in so many different ways.

gripgo-mountedWhether you live in a state that bans talking and driving or you enjoy hands-free talking, the GripGo phone mount is a great car accessory. This revolutionary phone mount can be attached anywhere on your dashboard or windshield and removed anytime you wish. With its patented technology, the GripGo phone mount is designed to hold any mobile phone, tablet or GPS in place without using any adhesive, brackets or screws. When you are ready to remove your device from this phone mount, all you have to do is grab it and go.

What I like best about the GripGo is that it can also be used to hold a GPS and is strong enough to hold tablets. This is the only phone mount that holds any phone, GPS or tablet. In addition, with this phone mount people do not have to replace their mount each time they buy a new device. In addition to helping people speak hands-free, the GripGo phone mount is also helping people turn their mobile phone into a GPS. Instead of buying a new GPS, which can be expensive, people can use their phone to help get them where they need to go each day. Drivers who buy the GripGo can save money on all the other gadgets people have to buy for short and long distance trips.

gripgo-does-it-workThis phone mount can be used for so many other purposes. Since this phone mount pivots 360 degrees, passengers can also use the phone mount as well to access the phone, GPS and tablet. Whether they want to access their smart phone to look something up, watch a movie on their tablet, the GripGo is one of the most flexible and strong phone mounts on the market today. Whether you drive occasionally or all the time, this phone mount is something you need. Not only is it helping millions of drivers drive hands-free without all the hassles, it is also helping drivers get around and stay entertained while on the road.

If you are not using a GripGo yet, then you should definitely take the time to discover why the GripGo phone mount is unlike any other phone mount on the market. You will be amazed by all that this phone mount can do.

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