What is the Weight Capacity of the GripGo Phone Holder?

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Talking on the phone and driving at the same time is a dangerous activity. It is banned in several states because fumbling for a phone and talking can cause accidents. Although it is not a good idea to hold a phone to the ear and drive, devices are available to help answer urgent calls without taking any risks. The GripGo Phone Holder is a potential solution that keeps the phone in sight and ready to use without taking the risk of distracting drivers.

How It Works

The GripGo Phone Holder is a simple device the snaps a phone into place and is held to a dash board with suction cups that adhere to the location. It is easy to remove by releasing the suction cups and is strong enough to hold any type of cell phone or tablet device without falling off or damaging the phone.

The simple construction makes the device easy to use and appropriate for driving. Drivers can place the phone in the GripGo Phone Holder and start their drive. When an urgent call occurs, drivers simply turn on the speaker phone and continue driving without the distraction of holding a phone.

iphone-gripgoWeight Capacity

The GripGo Phone Holder is strong enough to hold most cell phones and tablets. Although the suggested weight capacity given by the company is 15 pounds, the average phone, tablet or GPS device does not exceed two to three pounds. It is fully capable of holding any tablet or phone without breaking the suction and causing a valuable electronic device to fall and break.

Although the device is capable of holding a tablet, GPS or phone, it is best to use it for a cell phone due to the convenience and the reduced risk of problems while driving. It was originally designed as a phone holder, so it is perfectly sized and created to hold the average cell phone. Larger phones are not a problem due to the high weight capacity built into the GripGo Phone Holder.

It is not necessary to take risks while driving a motor vehicle. Instead of risking an accident by fumbling for a phone, using the GripGo Phone Holder to mount a phone or table to the dashboard will make driving a safer practice. The weight capacity is strong enough to keep a phone or tablet from falling as long as the device was properly installed and secured to the window or dashboard.

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