Which States Ban Cell Phone Usage in Cars

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Do you use your cell phone while driving? Are you on the road a lot and find yourself dialing while driving? Do you realize that talking on your cell phone while driving may be illegal, depending on the state in which you live?

cell-phones-bannedDriving while dialing and texting is illegal in 39 states and the District of Columbia and that driving while talking on your cell phone is illegal in at least 10 states. Among those states in which driving with a handheld cell phone is banned are the District of Columbia, Connecticut, California, New York, New Jersey, Nevada, Maryland, Oregon, Washington, West Virginia. If you live in one of these states, then you need a device that will help you drive safely and abide by the state laws. It also is good to know about these 10 states’ cellphone laws in case you are driving through them on a road trip. Get on the road and stay safe while using your cellphone with a GripGo Phone Mount.

The GripGo Phone Mount is a portable cellphone tool that uses a polymer base to hold your cell phone securely in place. The polymer base features rows of tiny polymer suction cups that are safe for the surface of your cellphone. Therefore, when you place your phone against the polymer mount, it acts like a magnet, drawing the phone’s back to it and not letting go while you drive down the road. You can talk hands-free safely wherever you go.

texting-while-drivingTo make sure that you do not break any state cellphone-use laws, make sure you mount your GripGo before you begin driving. The polymer mount has a frame with a suction cup attached to it. Simply press the suction cup against your windshield and pull down on the lever below the cup in order to securely fasten the mount against your windshield. Place your phone on the polymer mount and dial the number of the person with whom you wish to speak. Now it is time to start your car.

By following these few easy rules and by learning more about the 10 states that have banned handheld cellphone use, you will not only learn to be a safer, more alert driver, but you also will stay out of trouble with the law. Keep these 10 states listed on a piece of paper and put it in a safe place in your car to review while on a road trip.

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