Why You Need a Hands Free Phone Device For Your Car

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talking-on-phone-drivingCell phones have become so intricately woven into today’s society that many people can not imagine living without one. Wireless phones offer convenience, an added sense of safety, and they enable phone users to remain connected with colleagues, friends, and family members more easily than land line phones previously allowed. While there are many benefits to having a cell phone, the dangers of talking or texting while driving are evident and have prompted legislative changes in states around the country.

Many drivers find that holding a phone can interfere with their ability to comfortably operate a vehicle. As a result, many drivers opt to use a hands free phone device instead holding the handset while talking . Hands free devices like GripGo offer the obvious benefit of freeing up the hands for driving while allowing the driver to continue his or her conversation. Many devices allow drivers to begin and end calls without having to use their hands to press a button, and users may even dial numbers simply by using their voice.

texting-drivingIn addition to leaving the hands unencumbered and better able to drive, using a hands free phone device while driving can also help drivers obey the law and avoid getting a ticket. Currently, handheld cell phone use while driving is banned in 10 states, including Puerto Rico, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Still other states ban handheld phone use in certain driving conditions, such as while driving in a school zone or highway construction zone.

Penalties for violating cell phone driving laws may include a monetary fine or result in penalty points being assigned to the driver’s license. Unless otherwise prohibited by law, using a hands free device can allow drivers to make and receive phone calls while driving and still remain compliant with state laws.

Using a hands free device with a cell phone while drivers allows drivers to remain available to answer and receive important calls without taking their hands away from the more important task of driving. Many hands free devices allow drivers to perform virtually all of the call functions that are available to them on their handset and can be just as easy to use. Not only does using a hands free device offer the benefit of allowing drivers’ hands to remain on the steering wheel, but many states prohibit cell phone handset use while driving; therefore, drivers who wish to stay connected while on the road must use a hands free alternative.

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